Fireplace And Ice Quest Walkthrough

Fireplace and Ice is a principal quest out there in Drustanus of Ultimate Fantasy XVI.

Your goal is to destroy the Drake’s Breath Mothercrystal and slay the chief of the Ironblood.

Right here’s a walkthrough and information of Fireplace and Ice in Ultimate Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy XVI: Fire And Ice Quest Walkthrough

The search begins whenever you arrive on Drustanus.

Final Fantasy XVI: Fire And Ice Quest


Discover the realm

Simply observe the trail and also you’ll attain the primary set of monsters. They’re all Akashic.

Proceed slaying the Akashic wolves.

You’ll then face an Akashic Minotaur. This combat is barely harder than the earlier.

Final Fantasy XVI: Fire And Ice Quest guide

Within the space, the crate will provide you with The Breath of Wind (Aerial Blast) accent.


Defeat the Akashic Morbol

Maintain going till you attain an apparent stage for a boss combat.

You’ll must slay the Akashic Morbol. The combat is sort of much like the primary Morbol within the recreation besides it’s stronger.

Final Fantasy XVI: Fire And Ice Quest wiki

Do a takedown each time the Morbol reaches 50% will gauge.

This Morbol additionally has tentacles from the bottom the place it’s worthwhile to dodge rather a lot.

Final Fantasy XVI: Fire And Ice Quest tips

Akashic Morbol additionally makes use of Acid Rain to create swimming pools of acid, adopted instantly by Wild Rage the place it chases after you.


Discover additional

After the combat, proceed additional. You’ll attain a warmer a part of the realm with some scorpion enemies.

ff16: Fire And Ice Quest Walkthrough

You’ll additionally face a Salamander.

ff16: Fire And Ice

At one level, the bridge is blocked by lava. Jill will freeze it briefly to cross over.

Maintain going and also you’ll face extra scorpions and Bombs.

ff16: Fire And Ice Quest guide

There’s additionally a harder enemy referred to as the Pink Mousse. This one has larger HP so the combat is longer.

After defeating the Pink Mousse, kick open the crate to get Mythril Wristlets.

This Mythril Wristlets comes with larger armor score.


Defeat the Flame Lizard

Proceed additional till you attain one other boss combat.

The Flame Lizard is mainly the flame model of the Lizard monster early within the recreation.

As at all times, do takedowns when the need gauge reaches 50%. It makes use of swipe assaults and rolls rather a lot.

After the battle, you’ll get 2 Gnarled Scale materials.


Head into the constructing

After the combat, enter the constructing.

Jill will then meet her previous pal Marleigh.


Proceed in the direction of the Sanctuary

The principle objective is to go in the direction of the Sanctuary the place Drake’s Breath is.

Defeat the Ironbloods alongside the best way.

Use the door in your left.

Proceed additional and also you’ll meet an Ironblood Fanatic.

Lastly, you’ll attain The Interior Sanctum. There are extra Ironblood troopers to kill.

Kick the crate and also you’ll get a Will-o-the-Wykes’ accent.

ffxvi fire and ice

You’ll then meet the chief of the Ironblood within the cutscene.

ffxvi fire and ice guide

Jill turns into Shiva and defeats the Ironblood enemies.

ffxvi fire and ice walkthrough

A mysterious creature then exhibits up and assaults Shiva.


Defeat the Liquid Flame

Shiva then units the sector so that you can defeat the Liquid Flame. This boss assaults constantly so it’s a must to preserve dodging till you have got room to land assaults.

As at all times, do a takedown when the need gauge reaches 50% to offer some respiration area.

Liquid Flame has tons of various assaults together with Eleventh Hour the place every kind of flame creatures seem as an assault.

After the battle, you’ll get Liquid Flame as a fabric to forge a brand new Platinum Sword.



Clive then proceeds to destroy the Mothercrystal with an ice-infused sword.

Jill then kills the chief of the Ironblood as a part of her revenge plan.

Jill’s pal and the remainder of the Ironblood escapes of their boats because the crystal crumbles.

Within the meantime, we see Joshua and his companion Jote as they plan to go to Bahamut.

We additionally see Hugo Kupka with the opposite leaders of the Dhalmekian Republic speaking.

He then brings in Empress Anabelle (Clive’s mom) together with her new son Olivier. She appears to have one other scheme developing.

The search ends right here.


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